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There are so many yummy things to choose from, I have trouble not spending my whole pay cheque here.
You can choose from a couple of their hot featured soups or you can browse through their refrigerated section, all of which look super delish.
This place has a plethora of amazing soups, but that's not all!
They also have dips, dressings and spreads that will blow your mind.
Although the the Granville Island Market is buzzing with stuff to eat, make sure not to breeze past this place, especially in the winter.
-- Dani


Our obsession with quality, healthy ingredients + tender loving care = nutritious, hearty, delicious soups.

Simply stated fresh is best. No additives, preservatives or MSG are allowed in our kitchen.

Soup is perfect for any occasion - a quick meal on the run, a big bowl to warm you on a cold rainy night or the opening act of your gourmet dinner party. Everyone loves soup.

P.S. Don’t forget to fill your freezer for those frazzled days.

The Stock Market Vancouver’s destination for the best bone broth, soup, stock, sauces, broth
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