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Who doesn't like a nice selection of hearty, filling soup? Or delicious salad dressings? I always get the Large soup and end up eating only half of it and saving it for dinner or lunch the next day. Served with focaccia, just in case the soup wasn't enough already!
I go here about once a week right now. It's the perfect answer to a cooler day in Vancouver.


Our obsession with quality, healthy ingredients + tender loving care = nutritious, hearty, delicious soups.

Simply stated fresh is best. No additives, preservatives or MSG are allowed in our kitchen.

Soup is perfect for any occasion - a quick meal on the run, a big bowl to warm you on a cold rainy night or the opening act of your gourmet dinner party. Everyone loves soup.

P.S. Don’t forget to fill your freezer for those frazzled days.

The Stock Market Vancouver’s destination for the best bone broth, soup, stock, sauces, broth
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