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i'm in the Public Market looking for something good to eat and I stumble upon Stock Market. Soup on a cold day!

snapper + salmon chowder = I was thinking more of a white milk based chowder but this is like a veggie soup chowder. Nonetheless, it was pretty hearty and filling. Big chunks of fish. Love the garlic bread too.

Soup makes me happy =)


Our obsession with quality, healthy ingredients + tender loving care = nutritious, hearty, delicious soups.

Simply stated fresh is best. No additives, preservatives or MSG are allowed in our kitchen.

Soup is perfect for any occasion - a quick meal on the run, a big bowl to warm you on a cold rainy night or the opening act of your gourmet dinner party. Everyone loves soup.

P.S. Don’t forget to fill your freezer for those frazzled days.

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